29th September 2020

SiteWise NZ Membership

Hadleys are SiteWise NZ members with Green Status

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13th November 2019

Chris Ellis

Chris is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has 22 years experience in the engineering profession as an engineer and engineering technician. Chris’ experience includes structural design and construction monitoring of various structures ranging from domestic housing to commercial and industrial buildings.

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11th November 2019

Alan Thomas

Alan is a Senior Structural Engineer with over 50 years experience in the Design and Construction consultancy fields. His experience has been in the areas of commercial, industrial and accommodation developments of all types for both Commercial Clients, Government Agencies and Local Authorities.

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10th November 2019

Fraser Brotherstone

Fraser is a Chartered Professional Engineer and the Civil Design Manager at Hadleys with particular expertise in the design and delivery of roading and land development projects varying in scale from large national roading projects to small single residential lots. This includes 3D design, modelling and documentation of all types of civil infrastructure using software packages such as Autodesk Civil 3D and 12d Model.

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