Structural Engineering

We provide specialist structural design services for commercial, industrial, mining, heavy civil and residential structures.

We utilise computer modelling of structures and focus on efficient use of materials and construction simplicity. We take pride in being able to scale up or scale down our services to suit client or individual project needs.

We operate in the following structural fields:


  • Full structural engineering design and documentation
  • Low to medium rise structural design and construction
  • Residential, commercial and industrial sectors covered
  • Historic building strengthening
  • Design of car parking structures and facilities
  • Design of piles and foundation systems
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary design
  • Structural investigation and building assessment (earthquake damage or slope stability damage)
  • Development of bespoke designs and product development
  • Expert evidence
  • 2D and 3D structural analysis
  • Preparation of drawings and specifications
  • Construction monitoring


  • Retaining walls
  • Mining and heavy civil structures
  • Walkway and bridge design
  • Design of tanks and reservoirs
  • Agricultural structures and stock underpasses
  • Structural analysis of plant and pipe materials
  • Design of adventure activity devices

Earthquake Assessment

  • ISA (Initial Seismic Assessment) by experienced Chartered Professional Engineers
  • DSA (Detailed Structural Assessment)
  • Strengthening design, documentation and project management