Malaghans Road Rehabilitation

A 1.2km section of the Malaghans Road pavement near Arrowtown was rehabilitated using Foam Bitumen Stabilisation along with associated improvements including minor geometric improvements, culvert extensions and headwall construction, entrance way and intersection improvements, power pole relocation, and drainage improvements.

This section of road had experienced widespread pavement failure and patching to repair pot-holing, pavement cracking and rutting as well as issues with slumping caused by poor drainage performance and frost heaving. The work was necessary to enhance safety and minimise future costs while helping to ensure the pavement reached its 25 year design life.

Hadleys were engaged by the Queenstown Lakes District Council from the outset for project scoping, concept and detailed design, tender documentation and assessment, and contract award and documentation.




Queenstown Lakes District Council

Completion Date